Classes for 3-8 year olds

Pre Ballet

For ages 3 & 4

Introduction to ballet basics: feet and hand positions. Learning through fun class setting. Introduction to musicality, body movement, spatial awareness, developing coordination and motor skills.

Primary I

Ballet for 5-6 year olds

Teaching basic ballet technique, positions, routine. Introduction to discipline and group dynamic; proper turn out, pointing of feet.

Primary II

Ballet for 6-8 year olds

A great class for beginner to the advanced ballet student. Learning proper body placement, positions, learning dance vocabulary. Combinations increase in difficulty through out the year, preparing dancers to enter the Pre-Pro training program.
Primary II requires multiple classes per week.

Beginner Jazz I-II

For ages 6-10

Jazz class is a fun, energetic way for students to stretch and exercise to the music of today. Jazz dance is expressive, rhythmic and theatrical.

Beginner Hip Hop

Class for 6-9 year olds

Hip-hop dance is a broad category that incorporates a variety of old and new urban dance styles seen in many music videos and stage performances.

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